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WEDDINGS: The Rehearsal Dinner

What is this?

For most of us, we have never considered having a rehearsal dinner before our big day – it’s something we mainly see in the movies.  However the USA trend is becoming more popular on this side of the pond, we have put together some key points as to why they can be a great addition to your special day.

  1. It’s relaxed!

    There shouldn’t be any stress during the rehearsal dinner. This is your chance to sit back and enjoy a meal with your loved ones after all the planning and organising! It’s traditionally intimate and only the wedding party that attend to spend some time together and say thanks before the big day!

  2. The bride doesn’t have to organise it!

    Yes! Traditionally the mother of the groom will organise the rehearsal dinner so the bride doesn’t have too. Phew!

  3. You can practice your speeches

    Traditionally the wedding speeches are done during the rehearsal dinner to give those nervous speakers a chance to practice in an intimate setting.

  4. Make it personal 

    This doesn’t need to be a huge expense and you don’t need to follow tradition. You can make it as fun and personal as you want. It’s great to have family and friends get together before the big day. You can even give the gifts that you would like the wedding party to wear on the big day!

Here at Graysons Venues, we think rehearsal dinners are a fabulous idea! That’s why we are giving away a Complimentary Rehearsal Dinner for 10 people when you book your Wedding at our Royal Over-Seas League venue! Find out more here.

So, let us organise your rehearsal dinner and we’ll pay for it, all whilst you sit back and relax!

Royal Over-Seas League, London