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Is it all about location?

Being a sales manager at Rooms on Regent’s Park for some time now I am often researching to find what makes a venue enticing to bookers. I’ve found it’s a combination of factors, all different dependant on the event type, organizer, the time of the year, the team who runs the establishment and so many other things. One that appears almost every time is the location of the venue.

This morning on my way out of Baker Street Station as I dodged commuters and tourists it made me realise how lucky we are with what London and the Regent’s Park has to offer, all of the cultural opportunities, the theatres, movies, museums, parks and how many of those things can be utilised for events.

I saw people with flyers for Madame Tussauds Museum, all with their cameras ready to take photos of wax actors/celebrities/royalty/musicians and people of importance. No doubt by now their phones are full of pictures of them hugging ET, kissing Tom Hardy, pulling a face of envy next to Meghan and Harry and so on.

As I walk towards Regent’s Park, the pavement in front of the Sherlock Holmes Museum was just as busy. At 8.30 am people were already queuing up to get their tickets to see what the establishment has to offer. I personally love reading and have read a few of the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and how detective Holmes and his friend/colleague/partner in “crime” Dr Watson lived at the famous 221b Baker Street. However, until recently, I didn’t know that the house (which is the home of the Museum) is protected by the government due to its “special architectural and historical interest”.

Continuing my journey along Regent’s Park the Boating Lake comes into view. I could go on about how much this park (that happens to be my favourite in London) has to offer. There is the Open Air Theatre, Queen Mary Gardens, Regent’s Park Allotment Gardens and my ultimate favourite in late spring, The Avenue Gardens. Those beautiful cherry blossoms, the fountains, the little benches. It is just “the best spot” for a book to read on a lazy weekend afternoon or to take delegates for an afternoon outing.

Upon my arrival, I am amazed that all of the above is “a stone’s throw” away from Rooms on Regent’s Park and attractive enough to have as an additional activity for any client. It’s also something that any of us could try in our spare time on the weekends!

Ask us about the meeting and event options available and how you can add on a visit to the amazing attractions around Rooms on Regent’s Park when you book with us.

Veronika Olleova
Sales Manager
Rooms on Regent’s Park