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Your Wedding ‘Fair-y’ Godmother

Why Wedding Fairs are still your secret Wedding Fairy Godmother!

You might think you have your perfect wedding all planned out until someone asks you if you’re having a white or black light up dance floor, or what shoes are your bridesmaids are wearing? Then you realise you might have missed some of the finer details!

This is why we still strongly advise our brides (and if you’re lucky, the grooms too) to attend as many wedding fairs as possible in the lead up to their big day – here are our top 5 reasons why they can be a godsend!


  1. You can shortlist your venue wish list!

    Meeting the venue teams face to face and speaking about your special day will really help you narrow down your venue shortlist. This will save you precious time when planning to visit your favourite venues!


  1. Personally meet your suppliers…

    Everyone has their most important part of their wedding day. For some of us it’s finding the perfect shade of lily, for some, it’s making sure you get a bangin’ DJ!
    By personally meeting the supplier you will get a great feel for wanting to work with them and the endless possibilities they can create, tailored to you personally.


  1. Figuring out costs…

    We all know the importance of your Wedding Budget! After attending a wedding fair you will get an idea of costs for your dream wedding which makes planning so much easier. Also – a lot of suppliers and venues will offer a discount if you book after meeting them at the fair, so bonuses all round!


  1. Hearing from the experts …

    Listening to the specialists at Wedding Fairs can be a huge advantage when planning the day. From insider knowledge about which food and wine to what song gets everyone up dancing (including Grandad!) you’ll be guided through it from the venues and suppliers!


  1. The Goodie Bags! ….

    Everyone you speak to will give you brochures and images to take away for you and your partner to read. This will save you so much time instead of trawling through internet pages plus, you might even pick up one or two tasty goodies on the way!


Speaking of Wedding fairs…

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