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Why is 10 Union Street the ideal ‘Green’ Venue?

10 Union Street is a venue that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring they leave a positive impact on the planet all year round, making it your ideal green event space.

From the roof to the bottom floor, as a building, it has managed to become greener just by changing a few things; by doing this, it has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 43% by changing the cooling, heating, and lighting supply but have also switched to 100% renewable energy provisions.

Starting at the top, on the roof, the talented maintenance team installed some wildflower beds and, to help with pollination, some bee hives too. This is in the hope that it leads to cleaner air in the area and it is a project the team at 10 Union Street are working on closely with the team at ‘Bankside Urban Forest’.

To the bottom of the venue, the onsite café partnered up with coffee supplier – Crude, who like 10 Union Street are committed to sustainability and ensuring flavour is delivered to the purest form. They have also stopped serving only hot meat options and embracing a vegetarian and plant-based hot food menu.

Whilst this is an ongoing project the team are working on, they are looking into the possibility of finding compostable bags for visitors to take home with them. Whilst this project is an ongoing discussion with the Bankside Urban Forest team, our compostable waste is not being thrown away but is, in fact, being used to fertilise the rooftop garden.

With a divide of offices, an onsite college and event spaces, the venue is used all day, every day, meaning sustainability is crucial.

If this sustainable way of working fits in with your business and you want to host a corporate event at this modern and concept-building, contact the sales team today by emailing

Beth Granby