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Understanding your events: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

As a good sales coordinator, you always want to keep in touch with the new trends, what events are becoming popular, what are the new demands. On that same note, you also need to know a lot about the events held at your venue. What are the traditions behind certain events, what are the different do’s and don’ts when it comes to arranging the variety of different functions at a venue like Rooms on Regent’s park where we can host so many types of events?

With our majestic Nuffield Hall being available at the weekends and our wonderful location in the NW postcode area, we are fast becoming a popular Bar and Bat, Mitzvah venue and because of this, we make a point to understand the traditions and celebrations surrounding these.

The history behind these events is a fascinating one. Traditionally taking place after a girl’s 13thbirthday, and a boy’s 12th, these events would generally mark the age when a young man or woman would be ready to take their place as a full member of the community in being able to lead religious services and Prayer and would bear their own responsibility for their actions and adherence to religious law. Though the Bar-Mitzvah, has a long and well-established history, the Bat-Mitzvah’s is slightly less certain. Though coming of age ceremonies and observances have taken place in various Jewish communities throughout history these were not always been accepted by the full spectrum of the practising Jewish world.

One of the major steps towards its current widespread nature was the Bat-Mitzvah of Judith Kaplan, daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan – the founder of Reconstructionist Judaism, which was the first public celebration of its kind in the United States and leads to more acceptance of the practice across many branches of Judaism.

As with a lot of major life events though, they make a great reason for a celebration and social event – a tradition which is far from modern, as 13thCentury texts have noted that on this occasion a father should “make a party for his son” (though their definition for a party could well be different from ours).

Though some may opt for a simple family dinner for others the party is a major production and the organisation and staffing of them sustains a field of caterers, entertainers, dancers, musicians and motivators who ensure that a good time is had by all.

Here at Rooms on Regent’s Park, we will always have your preference and definition of the party at our heart. We can tailor-make packages, offer you the most suitable space for the size of the party, should it be our Council Chamber for a smaller and more intimate party or our Nuffield Hall with a capacity of 400 guests.

Call us to find out what we can do to make your sons or daughters party a “once in a lifetime experience” for you.