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Introducing our new venue – Leeds Castle

We would love to introduce to you our newest venue – Leeds Castle.

A stunning venue with many areas of beauty and looks like a fairy-tale, located a short distance from Maidstone, Kent and close links to London.

The castle came into the hands of Lady Bailie in Although the history around Leeds Castle dates back to the 9th Century, the castle is not your typical medieval castle filled with knights and dungeons, but it is in fact – very modern, tributing to art-deco influences in the interior design.

With the Second World War erupting in 1939, Lady Bailie had to put a halt to her renovation work and instead The Castle was used as a hospital for the ill-fated servicemen retreating from Dunkirk. And in secret, weapons research was carried out on the grounds. Meanwhile, during this time she continued to host house parties which is something Lady Bailie was famous for doing.

With the War coming to an end, Lady Bailie continued her renovations which were completed between 1944-1960.

Many of the rooms are overlooking the incredible moat and lake that surround the castle. With the stunning views, it seems like you are living inside of a movie.

Whilst the castle itself is the main feature – As Graysons, we have seven outlets within the castle grounds where you will find out talented catering team who all produce delicious food. You can get a grab and go lunch on your walks which can be found close to the beach, maze and boathouse or even sit and have a delicious meal overlooking the castle in the Castle View Restaurant, regardless of the occasion, it will be an unforgettable moment.

And for any of your events, from corporate or private to even weddings – our team will be able to provide all catering for you.

Beth Granby