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Incentives: Putting employees first

To quote Richard Branson “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. A quote we certainly agree with here at Graysons and our team at Rooms on Regent’s Park are leading the way to make this a reality.

In a world full of sales targets, budgets, KPIs and high financial expectations to contend with our General Manager at Rooms on Regent’s Park put a unique incentive scheme in place to help encourage their sales team to beat their targets.

Being in the catering business, our sales team are massive foodies, and what better way to incentivise a ‘foodie’ team than with a chance to dine at a Michelin star restaurant. It was just the extra push they needed to beat their sales target!

On Friday the 1stof June the Sales team had an amazing fine dining experience at Sketch, London. The Menu created by the French Chef Pierre Gagnaire offers sensational and unique plates guiding the customers towards a superb food experience that rarely happens in life. The fabulous service and the attention to detail left the team completely speechless.

“The reward made me feel successful, really valued by the company and it was for all of us a big motivation to excel and exceed our bosses’ expectations, loving what we do.” Says Event Sales Co-Ordinator, Consuelo Ritarossi. “We had such a great evening at Sketch not only because we – as a Sales Team – had the possibility to spend some time together without thinking about work, but also because we had the chance to get to know each other a bit better, sharing some personal experiences and enjoying some amazing food and wine.”

For Event Sales Co-Ordinator, Poe Tauhiro, trying Pierre Gagnaire’s food was a bucket list item for a long time.

“I must admit that the food was remarkable and so was the wine. As a new employee since January, I felt already well greeted by the team. What a great reward for the team for achieving their 2017 sales targets. To be honest most other companies wouldn’t have included new team members to be part of that recompense but it was a very nice touch for me to be involved. I think that this kind of reward is a very important motivation for the old and new team members, as they can feel important and inspired to be part of a bigger picture.”

So, with such great feedback, maybe we should all take a page from the Rooms on Regent’s Park playbook and find unique and inspiring ways to incentivise our teams?!