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Graysons Gives Back

Being sustainable, eco-friendly, charitable and responsible is an ever-growing focus for all of us, both personally and within our organisations.

Last month our Graysons teams were in full charity mode, with our executive team sailing to raise money for Springboard and our central team gave back by helping to clear the Thames Riverbank with the BNC and Thames21 (#nomorewetwipes).

Having the opportunity to give back, both to the environment and to people is a key driver for us at Graysons. Through our participation in the Springboard Hospitality Sailing Cup, our teams time and donation helped The Springboard Charity to help young people achieve their potential, nurture unemployed individuals into work and help alleviate poverty by supporting people into sustainable employment within the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry – Wow!

Their contribution across the two days directly helped young people, safeguarding their future employment and gave back to an industry that provides enjoyment to so many.

Later in the month, our Central Sales Team gave up a day to help safeguard our local environment by helping to clear the River Thames

In conjunction with the BNC, our team helped Thames 21 start to put a healthy river at the heart of our community. Thames 21 focus on rebuilding the relationship between communities and their rivers; restoring river health and boosting wellbeing and community cohesion in the process. Our morning spent on the Thames riverbank helped to clear at least 50+ rubbish bags worth of general rubbish, debris, clothes, stale food and hundreds and hundreds of wet wipes from the river bank, even a few broken bottles and knives!

Giving back to help both the environment and people within our industry really means a lot to us, so do keep an eye out for our next Graysons project!

Find out more about our support of the Ark of Taste, the International “At Risk Register” for rare and heritage varieties of crops and breeds HERE.